Dirschau Jewish records 1828 - 1848

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Dirschau Jewish records 1828 - 1848

Some historical notes

Between 1828 - 1837 David Wronski marries people. He dies 1838, 40 years old.
Between 1838 - 1840 Simon Kantozowicz marries people
Between 1841 - 1849 cantor Wertheim Danziger marries people

Many dies in Cholera 1831.

Comments about my registrations

The people I have registred are from the LDS Films from Dirschau, FHL INTL Film 743206 Item 17, Jewish records 1828 - 1848, births, marriages and deaths.

For some of my branches there are also people from 1848 - 1874, LDS Films from Dirschau FHL INTL Film 1456921 Items 9-11. And also from the civil records. Mainly for Goldschmidt and Rosenberg.

Westprussian Jewish citienship 1812 and familynumber

In the jewish records from Dirschau, there is mostly a family number, wich corresponds to the Westprussian citienship Jews got 1812. I used this number to put families together, even if they did not have any parents in the records. An advanced guess.

Another advanced guess is that the second name in the list is the name of the father:
Old name: Samuel Hirsch. New name: Samuel Hirschfeld. Samuel ben (son of) Hirsch.
In some case where i also have the father from other sources this is true.

For some people this was to difficult.

For some people this number is in front of the name. In the Gedcom I think this is the reference number.

Other things

Sometimes it was rather difficult to find out the names and dates for people. A second opinion would be nice to get.

Some comments are only in Swedish and other in both Swedish and English.