Gilgenburg Jewish records 1847 - 1874

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Gilgenburg Jewish records 1847 - 1874

Comments about my registrations

The people I have registred are from the LDS Films from Gilgenburg, FHL INTL Film 1271459 Item 2, Jewish records 1847 - 1874, births, marriages and deaths.

Some notes about the people

21 (48,8 %) childs dies before they are 5 years old.

Anne Feybusch Marcus dies 1865, 4 years old, posioned by cowbane.

Many mens profession are Innowner!
But I made a mistake here. In some cases they are tenant of the inn and not owner. And I did not do any difference. But usually I have the german word there.
Krüger, Krugpächter:- tenant of inn (Krug) or pub or pharmacy owned and licensed by king or noble landlord
Schänker, Schankwirt, Krueger:- pub owner

Is everything registered in the records

Looking in the records you got a feeling that everything is not there. The first marriage is registered first 1858. Looking in Jewishgen FTJP database, Yad Washem and Ancestry there are birth dates wich should bee in the Gilgenburg birth records, but are not.

Living in or born in a town

One thing that was difficult to understand is if the father and mother lived in or was born in the town mentioned. In the records it sais "zu" to, "aus" from or "in" in. Sometimes it is obvious that the lived there in other cases you don't know.

This causes a problem to understand where the child actually was born. In Gilgenburg or in another town? I see that I sometimes used Gilgenburg sometimes the town mentioned.

Note that Gilgenburg and the surrounding towns were a part of kreis Osterode. So you can not mention the surrounding towns as part of Gilgenburg.

I have done the town mentioned as birth town for only the father. If several places are mentioned for different children i have also used living in town. Probably I should have done the town as living in for both father and mother.

Professions and causes to death

Things that I only sometimes have registered are professions and cause of death. This is always little difficult to read.

Other things

A second opinion would be nice to get.