Stuhm Jewish records 1812 - 1874

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Stuhm Jewish records 1812 - 1874

Comments about my registrations

The people I have registred are from the LDS Films from Stuhm:
FHL 1810565 Items 1 - 5, Jewish records 1812 - 1873, births, marriages and deaths.
FHL 1184458 Items 4, Stuhm Jewish cemetery records
FHL 1184377 item 1, Altmark (kreis Stuhm) Jewish cemetery records

Some notes about the people

48 (17,6 %) childs dies before they are 1 years old.
86 (31,5 %) childs dies before they are 5 years old.
101 (37 %) childs dies before they are 10 years old.

Many mens profession are Innowner!

But I made a mistake here. In some cases they are tenant of the inn and not owner. And I did not do any difference. But usually I have the german word there.
Krüger, Krugpächter:- tenant of inn (Krug) or pub or pharmacy owned and licensed by king or noble landlord
Schänker, Schankwirt, Krueger:- pub owner

Last and middle names

It was rather diffictult to find out if the last name or middlename of a person was tha first name of the father. In some cases it become obvious, in other cases not. Specially the early records.

Is everything registered in the records

Looking in the records you got a feeling that everything is not there. Specially the last years 1872- 1874.

Professions and causes to death

Things that I only sometimes have registered are professions and cause of death. This is always little difficult to read.

Some notes about the Jewish history in Stuhm

Rabbis, Kantors

David Edel (Simson before 1812 marries people 1812 - 1842. He dies 18 February 1842 in Stuhm and is then mentioned as rabbi. An Edel makes a marriage 1843.

In the surrounding areas of Stuhm Abraham Arnold from Altmark marries people 1828- 1848.

1852 and 1858 Jospeh Gortatowski is mentioned as Cantor
1859 and 1861 David Lewi is mentioned as Cantor
1860 Leyser Cohn is mentioned as Cantor

Frieda Richert, born Zimmak:

“In the village Pestlin where Otto, Helene, Frieda and Leonhard Zimmak lived from about 1900 to 1937, they were the only Jews. When it was holidays they went to the town Stuhm who was close to Pestlin. In Stuhm they had a nice little synagogue. In Stuhm lived some Jews and there were some Jewish stores. The Jews in the neighborhood came to Stuhm and lived on hotels, shopped and celebrated bigger holidays”. According to my aunt Frieda her father Otto was very good in Hebrew and he read the Torah when the Rabbi got to tired. Otto also teached his son, my father, Leonhard Hebrew to his Bar Mitzvah.

Daniel Edel:

"Kurt Less born in Stuhm (1904 - , Fred Zimmak) remembers the "Shames of the synagogue Abraham Isaac". Kurt Less father was Josef Less, born 1879 in Stuhm and died 1930 in Stuhm: "As I know my great grandfather was a butcher and did this for the Synagogue in Stuhm"


In one of the books "Quellen zu die geschiechte juden in Polen…." (i don't remember which one) it sais "Erbliche Überlassung eines Kämmereiplatzes an den Schutsjuden Samuel Israel in Stuhm zur anlage eines Friedhofs. 1793 -1795". If I understand this right Samuel Israel inherited a place where he could build a cemetery. There are also films from the Mormons with registers of buried people in Stuhm and Altmark (Kreis Stuhm). I don't know how complete it is.

I (Fred Zimmak) visited Stuhm 1981 and also the Jewish cemetery which still existed at this time. We where there for only 1/2 hour. At this time I was not so very interested. But I remember that it was very overgrown. And that the gravestones had fallen down. At least some of them. Bad enough I don't have any photos.

The Synagouge

1859 - 1860 there is money collected to build the Synagouge in Stuhm.

In crystal night, 8 - 9 November 1938 the Synagogue in Stuhm was destroyed. After 1945 the ruins still were there. Today (2009) only a 5 meter long and 60 cm high wall is left. On the rest is a new house. The Synagogue was close to the lake Hintersee (today Zajezierze. I don’t not which street it was).

Other things

A second opinion would be nice to get.